My philosophy is to work holistically with clients in a safe space to better understand their presenting issues. As human beings, we are creative, and as children we solve challenges through play and other creative means. As we grow older, we move into more verbal ways of interacting and can become disconnected from our innate sense of creative expression. Using the arts, in conjunction with verbal communication, I guide clients to explore and discover arts modalities that best resonate with them in order to tap into their inner resources and strengths. Engaging in the arts thus allows my clients to express themselves in ways other than talking, to help create inner balance and harmony. Each client is empowered to find practical solutions through the arts, leading to a healthier and fuller life. I am passionate about the arts and am excited to be able to help others use different arts modalities as a tool for self-expression and well-being.


The worry gnat.
He is told to do this
And that.
The trouble is he doesn’t know how
To do it properly now.
He’s confused;
A bit worried too.
Oh what can SPLAT do?
The trick is to stay intact;
Not to worry too much
About this or that.
Be in the moment.
Go with the flow.
Trust the process
And let the rest go.